Tithing Gone Wild


Steppenwolf may have said it best in the popular song of the late ‘60s, we’re “born to be wild.”

However, as believers, we’re born again to be wild in the right ways, specifically when it comes to following Christ.

This year’s theme is all about being unrestrained, unrestricted, and unreserved in the areas of our lives that matter most: love, faith, giving, worship, service, prayers, and ministry.

Our goal this year will be to align our thinking and behavior with the indigenous, instinctual inclination of our godly nature—to be wild in Him and for Him.

In 2017, as it relates to our individual and collective calls to do more for Christ and others, we’re ascending to higher heights of confidence, descending to deeper depths of conviction, and tapping into the divine, undeveloped habitat of his promises.

We’ll explore biblical territory rich with godly reserves and resources, teeming with treasures and truth—and as your guide, I’ll show you how to make the most of these discoveries to be and do all that God created you to be and do.

Family, get ready for the wildest year of your life.

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